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Embracing animal happiness

Embracing Animal Happiness is a wonderful experience. We believe that the experience of being around animals has a profound impact our happiness and wellbeing. Indeed, much has been said about the effects of stroking a dog or cat on reducing our stress hormone, cortisol and lowering our heart rate to improve our health and happiness.

We believe that coaching is the right medium in which to embrace animal happiness. We work through structured or tailored coaching programmes, either online or face to face, supported by expert psychologists, neuroscientists, equine specialists to provide a transformational experience. We offer the opportunity to explore this for yourself at our centre in Gloucestershire, where we offer a variety of coaching programmes to serve all animal lovers. You can even come and play with our donkeys!

Founder: Shireen Walton
Msc in Positive Psychology Coaching, Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching,Post graduate Certificate in Education, Msc in Information Technology, BA Hons in Politics, History and International Relations

Animal Happiness Coaching

We offer 1-2-1 coaching based on our animal happiness modules to individuals or families. The benefits of 1-2-1 coaching enables the realisation of goals, and provides professional support with the exercises. We offer sessions online and face to face.

Equine Happiness Coaching

This coaching is specifically geared to those who are equine owners, athletes, therapists, and who want to incorporate the latest science into their practice. Coaching focuses on developing horse and rider performance through mindfully reducing anxiety and stress levels.

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