The Animal Happiness Academy

Positive psychology for animals and humans

Our Vision

The Animal Happiness Academy vision is to celebrate the unique human-animal bond that has sustained us for millennia. Based on the latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience and anthrozoology, we offer courses, coaching and products, aimed at creating a fellowship of animal lovers, who are all committed to the wellbeing and happiness of all sentient beings.

The Therapeutic Benefits

It is only recently, that science has started to explore the impact that animals have on human wellbeing as well as finally being able to recognise that animals have very real emotional lives that go way beyond what was previously thought. Bringing these two areas of research together and honouring and celebrating the potential of this wonderful mutual relationship is what Animal Happiness is all about.

It’s a far reaching vision, more of a movement really that celebrates the therapeutic benefits of spending time with animals. Conversely it is intended to improve and maintain animal welfare with a range of services and products that we have carefully curated as ethical and sustainable, to enhance animal and human happiness.

Animal Happiness Coaching

This coaching is specifically geared to those who are love animals and who want to incorporate the latest science into their everyday lives. Coaching focuses on developing wellbeing, happiness and resilience. It works really for parents & children who need a bit of compassion to help with anxiety and stress.

Animal Happiness Courses

We have a programme of online courses in which we explore positive character strengths, like gratitude, loving kindness, courage, compassion, hope. We will explore how working on these emotions support our own wellbeing, and how it also enhances the emotional lives of our animals.

Animal Happiness Products

We have carefully curated a range of products for you and your pets that we believe enhance happiness! The shop will offer a host of fun stuff, serious stuff and some downright silly (but oh so good) stuff. You’ll also be able to purchase our course material.

I used Animal Happiness to help me cope with my nerves at shows. I had a few sessions working on my breath and using it to control myself and my horse, helping build a better partnership. Shireen was super helpful and I felt really comfortable to ask her anything. She explained what we were trying to achieve and gave me time to work it out.

Shireen’s practical knowledge sets her aside as I’ve not met anyone who understands what it’s like to try to stay calm whilst galloping flat out and Shireen understood this and was able to help me. She was genuinely interested in helping me develop and was always at the end of a phone on days or competitions. I would highly recommend Animal Happiness to anyone!

Lucianna Rabaiotti

LRE Equestrian

Animal Happiness has helped me become a better rider at competition by giving me techniques to prepare exercises and transitions better, by being more in tune with my horse and teaching me how I as an asthmatic, can use my breathing most efficiently.

More importantly it helped me to form a deeper relationship with my horse. I can’t recommend Shireen enough both for people looking to improve their scores and for people looking to get a better connection with their horse.

Sarah Jorgensen

Dressage Rider

The story of Duchess choked me and made me quite emotional. It is so gentle, soft and lovely. I have started to practice the free exercises with my daughter and our dog Belle, and it’s really helping our family to manage our anxiety and stress. It’s simple, beautiful and just so very easy. I can’t wait to work through the next module
Kath M

Mother from Gloucestershire

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